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PhD Position in Graphene-Based Flexible Electronics, Sweden: Engineering Science

The successful candidate should have a master of science in physics, chemistry, material science or equivalent. Strong collaboration spirit and good communication skills in oral and written English are required.

The PhD position is for four years, extendable to a maximum of five years including departmental duties at a level of at most 20%
Applications should include a brief description of research interest and past experience, a CV, copies of exams, degrees and grades, a copy of your Master thesis (or a draft thereof) and other relevant documents. The candidates are encouraged to provide letter(s) of recommendation and contact information to reference persons.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 March 2011

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4 Postdoctoral Positions in Bio/Nanotechnology and Material Science, Italy

Applications are invited for 4 Post-doctoral positions in bio/nanotechnology and material science related research programs. The research activities will take place in the Smart Materials Group of the (CBN), Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) that is based in Lecce, Italy.

The Center possesses world class facilities and expertise in the areas of materials processing and development with emphasis to surface science, nanoparticles production, magnetic, conducting and biocompatible nanocomposites, thermo/mechanical testing, laser spectroscopy, confocal and scanning probe microscopies, biology/biotechnology, genomics/proteomics, third generation photovoltaics, high performance computing, density functional-theory and computational nanoscience. Close collaborations exist with industry, University departments, and other research centers in Italy and abroad.

Position 1
Two years postdoctoral position in development and thermo/mechanical characterization of novel plastic nanocomposite materials targeting on mechanically reinforced and thermally resistive materials to be used in the areas of buildings and constructions, automotive and aviation industry, packaging. The candidate must have a PhD in one of the following areas: Materials Science, Physics, Engineering. Previous experience in thermo/mechanical characterization of materials will be appreciated.

Position 2
Two years postdoctoral position in the development, processing, chemical modifications and characterization of natural polymers, biopolymers and biocompatible polymers. The candidate must have a PhD in one of the following areas: Chemistry, Material Science, Chemical Engineering, Bio Engineering. Previous experience in polymer chemistry is essential, and experience in biopolymers will be highly appreciated.

Position 3
Two years postdoctoral position in surface processing and characterization of materials. The candidate must have a PhD in one of the following areas: Chemistry, Physics, Material Science, Chemical Engineering. Candidates with previous experience in surface patterning (photopatterning, laser ablation, electrochemical patterning, etc.), thin film deposition, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy will be preferred.

Position 4
Two years postdoctoral position in the development and characterization of magnetic and conducting polymer-based nanocomposites. The candidate must have a PhD in one of the following areas: Physics, Material Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering. Candidates with previous experience in any of the following fields: nanoparticles preparation, nanocomposites preparation, measurements of conductivity, magnetic characterization will be preferred.
Fellowship Application Deadline: 30 January 2011
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