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PhD Position – Thermal Effects in 3D Integrated Circuits, France

The fellowship will be grated throughout the duration of the work, which will take place in a highly dynamic and international field in Grenoble (France).
The high requirements on today’s mobile systems push them beyond the limit of a simple communication tool, and make them reminiscent of a
global assistance terminal that includes entertainment, office and general services. This translates into a continuous increase in terms
of required computational performance. The scaling ability of complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology offers one
possible way to increase the system performance. However, it comes with a high cost in terms of fabrication complexity and power
efficiency. Another alternative that addresses these hurdles consists of vertically staking electronic chips on top of each other using
vertical connections (Fig. 1) called the through-silicon vias (TSV), thus increasing the computational performance, while using the same
system footprint.

Key competences:

– Knowledge in the field of classical thermal physics
– Understanding of solid-state physics and MOS transistors
– Ability to carry out physical modelling and numerical simulations
using a finite element simulator
– Ability to carry out electrical test and characterization and to
develop automated data input and processing tools
– Basic understanding of CMOS circuits and logic systems
– Ability to design basic logic circuits or ability to develop this competence
– Required team work within the frame of numerous collaborations with the involved teams
– Excellent time management skills
– Creativity, self-motivation, personal engagement
– Very good academic grade

Scholarship Application Deadline: Contact Employer, haykel.ben-jamaa-at-cea.fr

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2011 Entry Overseas PGT Scholarships at University of Sheffield 2011 in UK: Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Applicants demonstrating outstanding academic achievements may qualify for an academic merit scholarship worth £2,000; up to 5 awards of £2000 each are available for each of the above MSc programmes.Selection will be based on the postgraduate application form and supporting documentation such as academic transcripts and references; no additional scholarship applications are required.All overseas applicants who have submitted their Masters programme application by 1 June will be considered for the awards.

Successful candidates will be notified of the selection outcome.Only self-funding applicants will be considered for the awards. The awards will take the form of a tuition fee reduction. The awards can be combined with other University of Sheffield scholarships.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 July 2011

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Doctoral Scholarship in GaN-based Single Photon Emitters, Germany: Quantum Metrology

The interest in single-photon-emitters rises continuously since quantum communication based on the polarization of single photons has already been demonstrated. Unfortunately up to now almost all single-photon sources are pumped optically which makes the realization of a widespread communication network very complex.

For this reason it would be of great advantage to fabricate electrically pumped single-photon-sources. This can be realized e. g. by fabricating LED structures with active regions, where only single ions are incorporated, leading to single photon emission. The LEDs could be driven electrically and the optical energy of the LED is transferred to the single transition available in the active region of the LED. Today, only very few reports on electrical single photon sources are available.

Zinc is a very promising candidate as a single photon emitter in GaN based LEDs. Zn acceptors show efficient emission in the blue spectral range. Zn creates a deep acceptor level 0.3 eV – 0.4 eV above the valence band. Furthermore, Silicon-codoping is required for efficient optical emission, resulting in a very bright photo-luminescence at 2.9 eV (~ 430 nm) which has been assigned to donor-acceptor (DA) transitions.

The goal of this thesis is to investigate single transitions in GaN based LEDs with Zn and Si co-doping. LEDs will be fabricated by MOCVD and processed in house. A thorough analysis of the relevant optical transitions by time resolved optical characterization will allow to get information on the nature and characteristics of the transitions, as well as on the emission statistics in order to get a quantitative handle on the statistical quality of single photon emission correlated with that.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 March 2011

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