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Harvey Fellows Program for Graduates 2011-2012

The Harvey Fellows Program provides scholarships to Christian students who are pursuing graduate studies at premier universities in fields considered to be under represented by Christians and who possess a unique vision to impact society through their vocations.The program seeks to mark, equip and encourage individuals to actively integrate their faith and vocation as leaders in strategic occupations.Through the program, the Foundation seeks to identify, prepare, and celebrate this generation’s Daniels, Esthers, Josephs and Lydias — people of God willing and able to assume positions of leadership and influence for the cause of Christ in fields such as media, government, scientific research, industry, the arts, and higher education.
The applicant must be enrolled in or have applied to a full-time graduate program. The Harvey Fellowship is not awarded to individuals pursuing undergraduate degrees, post-doctorate or non-degree programs, or part-time studies.The applicant selected for the Harvey Fellowship will be awarded an initial stipend of $16,000.The most successful applicants tend to be preparing for careers in the following fields-
• Economics, business and finance in public and private sectors
• International diplomacy, security, and business
• Journalism and media
• Film production and visual and performing arts
• Public policy and federal, state, and major city government
• Applied and theoretical sciences
• Research, teaching, and administration at premier colleges and universities

Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 November 2011

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The Goa Education Trust (GET) Scholarships 2011, UK

Goa Education Trust (GET) has been conceptualized by the industrious Dempo and Fomento groups from Goa. GET is aimed to provide Goans an efficient medium to pursue the best available opportunities in education, in whatever areas they desire. It will provide scholarships and/or research fellowships etc. to Eligible Students for their post graduate studies in the United Kingdom in all spheres, fields and departments
Since the introduction of the scholarship in 2010, several Goan students have successfully completed their studies in subjects as diverse as Journalism, Education, Ancient History and the law.

What do the scholarships cover?
-Full or part tuition fees
Please note: All other costs are to be borne by the students.

Eligibility Criteria:
The applicant should:
be an Indian citizen with a valid Indian passport and residing in India at the time of applying for the scholarship
be resident in Goa or born of Goan parents
be not more than 30 years old at the time of applying for the scholarship
be a graduate and have excellent academic track record and extra curricular achievement
have confirmed admission for any academic course of study in the UK for up to one year

Scholarship Application Deadline: Contact Employer

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Fulbright Scholarship Program in Teaching/Research in Chad: American literature, business, finance, computer science, environmental science, agriculture, journalism, mathematics, political science, social sciences

Applications are welcome in American literature, business, finance, computer science, environmental science, agriculture, journalism, mathematics, political science, social sciences and any other discipline offered at the host institution.Teach undergraduate courses in any discipline taught at the host institution, including arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences. Assist with faculty training, curriculum development and student advising.

Conduct research in area of specialization.Scholars with a Ph.D. and postdoctoral university or college teaching experience, as well as prior experience in developing countries, are preferred. The academic calendar in Chad consists of three terms: October through December, January through March and April through June, but is subject to change. A letter of invitation from the host institution is not needed to apply.

Scholarship Application Deadline:August 1, 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application