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The Building Excellent Schools (BES) Fellowships in Nashville: business, law, education

The Building Excellent Schools Fellowship prepares leaders to design, found and lead urban charter schools of uncompromising excellence.While the process of founding a charter school may be viewed over a period of several years, in the first 12 months of the program, Fellows receive an $80,000 professional stipend and extensive training and support to focus on one goal — founding and leading a high-achieving, no-excuses urban charter school that is independently managed.In its first year, the Fellowship comprises 85 training days in Boston, an extended residency in a high-performing charter school, and ongoing coaching and support around board and charter application development. The culmination of the year is the submission of a well-written, thoroughly researched charter application that reflects the best practices in urban school design.Although the Building Excellent Schools Fellowship is one year, BES is committed to the success of its schools and encourages Fellows to participate in Follow-On Support for the subsequent two years or more in order to receive continued training and guidance through start-up and early operation.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 20 February 2011

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