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2012 Research Grants by Canine Research Foundation, Australia

The Canine Research Foundation (CRF) is the official research vehicle of ANKC.
It is a Public Charitable Trust with research conducted at Australian universities from funds generated via the levy on puppy registrations, fund raising functions, tax-deductible donations and bequests from the public.The CRF was founded by the VCA in 1992 and 83 research grants have been awarded for projects through to those commencing in 2011. Funding is now flowing to CRF from most ANKC Member Bodies, excluding DOGS QUEENSLAND which has a separate research program in conjunction with the University of Queensland.

The Foundation is an independent public trust for the purposes of funding research directed at improving canine health, which it does through a program of annual research grants.Grants per project will normally be in the order of $5,000-15,000 in any one year. Projects may extend beyond one year but funding each year will be dependent upon satisfactory progress as given in interim reports. Funds will be available as arranged through the university.Note that funding is not usually provided for salaries, stipends or significant capital equipment.

Scholarship Application Deadline: June 30, 2011

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