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2012 Research Grants by Canine Research Foundation, Australia

The Canine Research Foundation (CRF) is the official research vehicle of ANKC.
It is a Public Charitable Trust with research conducted at Australian universities from funds generated via the levy on puppy registrations, fund raising functions, tax-deductible donations and bequests from the public.The CRF was founded by the VCA in 1992 and 83 research grants have been awarded for projects through to those commencing in 2011. Funding is now flowing to CRF from most ANKC Member Bodies, excluding DOGS QUEENSLAND which has a separate research program in conjunction with the University of Queensland.

The Foundation is an independent public trust for the purposes of funding research directed at improving canine health, which it does through a program of annual research grants.Grants per project will normally be in the order of $5,000-15,000 in any one year. Projects may extend beyond one year but funding each year will be dependent upon satisfactory progress as given in interim reports. Funds will be available as arranged through the university.Note that funding is not usually provided for salaries, stipends or significant capital equipment.

Scholarship Application Deadline: June 30, 2011

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March of Dimes Foundation Research Grants, Australia: projects related to causes of prematurity

The March of Dimes seeks applications requesting grant support for Research & Global Programs projects related to causes of prematurity. Research proposals of new paradigms based on strong conceptual frameworks are invited. The intent is to provide new insights into the large, and increasing,proportion of preterm deliveries in which the cause (and thus the means of prevention) remains elusive. The proposals need to consider especially, but not be limited to, genetics, gene-environment interactions, and animal models. We encourage novel approaches. Applicants must be members of not-for-profit institutions. Potential applicants should submit electronically the required administrative information and a Letter of Intent addressed to the Senior Vice President for Research and Global Programs summarizing the proposed studies via our online system

The Letter of Intent must include the following information in this order:

1. Its objective.
2. Major hypothesis to be tested and key specific aims.
3. Any preliminary data.
4. A brief description of the study design including key outcome variables and the statistical framework that
will be applied to the analysis.
5. A plan for evaluating the results.
6. Projected time frame for the investigation.
7. Current financial support: list each current grant or contract for the conduct of this and any other research. If there are no other grants, state “NONE.”
8. If this is a request for a renewal of a current March of Dimes grant, it must include a summary of its progress.
The online process must be completed by April 15, 2011.

Please do not include References Cited with your Letter of Intent. These grants do not cover the recipient’s or other faculty salaries, but do provide salary support for technical help. The grants are awarded for a three-year period. For your information, the financial characteristics of the
previous year’s grant cycle.

Scholarship Application Deadline: April 15, 2011.

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NMF-National Marfan Foundation Research Grants 2011 in USA: cardiovascular,orthopedic andophthalmologic

The National Marfan Foundation (NMF) is requesting applications for one- and two-year grants for basic or clinical research on the Marfan syndrome. The NMF’s grant program is designed to provide financial support for investigators studying any or all disciplines involved in the Marfan syndrome. Three one year grants not to exceed $50,000 each (or two $50,000 one year grants and one $100,000 two year grant) will be made in January 2012 from the NMF Research Fund.The principal investigator must hold an MD, DO, PhD, ScD, DDS, DVM or equivalent degree.

The investigator must have proven ability to pursue independent research as evidenced by original research publications in peer-reviewed journals.The National Marfan Foundation is currently accepting proposals for basic and clinical research related to the Marfan syndrome and related tissue connective tissue disorders. Each application should have the quality of an NIH proposal.

Scholarship Application Deadline:April 11, 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application