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Postdoctoral Fellowship-Systemic Analysis of Irrigation Systems, Syria

If you possess a PhD in water sciences or geography, or an equivalent discipline, and have at least 3 years’ experience in systemic analysis of irrigated agriculture using approaches that combine technical understanding of water management and farming systems, and have the ability to coordinate and carry out research activities on irrigation scheme development and management in northeastern Syria and contribute to studies on irrigation, water management, agricultural performance, poverty reduction and investment strategies, then this could be the job for you. This position reports to François Molle, Senior Researcher, at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) office in Aleppo, Syria.
You will:
• examine irrigation development policies and strategies in Syria, compile and synthesize existing scientific information on
irrigation and water management in the Euphrates Basin, with emphasis on the Syrian part;
• contribute to designing and carrying out research activities on water and agricultural management in the irrigated systems supplied by
waters from the Euphrates;
• contribute to advising Master’s students involved in specific field research; and
• contribute ideas and assist in bibliographical searches regarding research activities to be carried out in other parts of Syria
(e.g., Orontes or Quweq river basins).
You must possess:
• PhD in water sciences or geography, or an equivalent discipline;
• ability to carry out a systemic analysis of irrigated agriculture using approaches that combine technical understanding of water
management and farming systems, together with consideration of institutional dimensions, as demonstrated in successfully completed
reports, a dissertation or journal articles;
• sensitivity to, and interest in, social and institutional dimensions of water resources management;
• computer literacy, with skills in handling and quality controlling hydrological and water management data;
• ability to articulate quantitative and qualitative analyses;
• good communication and writing skills, with an excellent command of both oral and written English;
• ability to effectively establish priorities, plan, organize and monitor own work in an interdisciplinary and multiple task environment;
• strong interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain effective working relationships in a multicultural, multiethnic environment with
sensitivity and respect for diversity; and
• ability to work in interdisciplinary teams, with local and international partners.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 25 February 2011

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Senior Research Fellowship in Hydrogeology /Groundwater Management

IWMI currently has three senior fellows, whose role is to provide international scientific leadership in specific areas of water science and management. We are seeking a forth Fellow to promote and lead our work on improved utilization and management of groundwater. A key role of the Fellow will be to stimulate innovative thinking and management options for sustainable use of groundwater in irrigation and multiple use water systems, and to develop new projects for IWMI and its partners to undertake as part of the new Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems. IWMI operates in Asia and Africa. The Fellow would be based in either Colombo or Accra, but would be expected to contribute to innovative projects on groundwater resources and their management in both Africa and Asia. The Fellow will report to either the Director General or Deputy Director General.
You must possess:
– PhD or equivalent experience in hydrogeology and/or groundwater management, or related field;
– minimum of 20 years’ postdoctoral experience in the field of groundwater science and management in multifunctional agricultural systems;
– demonstrated research experience in groundwater resources assessment and/or management;
-demonstrated experience of successful working in and leading high performing teams;
– track record of representing an organization at a senior level, and working closely with senior colleagues;
– excellent knowledge of water management at a range of scales, including principles of water productivity and interaction of irrigation with other users and the environment, in developing countries;
– a solid record of publications in refereed international journals;
– ability to form and maintain partnerships with local institutions and stakeholders to facilitate delivery of outcomes;
– very good personal, organizational and interpersonal skills; and
– excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 21 March 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application