young scientists | Scholarship for Nigerians and Africans - Part 2

2011 The TWAS-AAS-Microsoft Award for Young Scientists, Africa

Microsoft Research, in partnership with TWAS and the African Academy of Sciences (AAS), has established the TWAS-AAS-Microsoft Award for Young Scientists to recognize young scientists working and living in Africa whose research in computer science has had, or could have, a positive impact in the developing world.
* Each year three winners are selected from three different African countries.
* Each winner receives EUR 7,000, of which EUR 2,000 may be spent at the recipient’s discretion and EUR 5,000 shall be earmarked for further research. Each prize also carries a certificate bearing a citation highlighting the major contributions for which the prize is awarded.
* The prizes are presented to the recipients at a special ceremony held each year in Nairobi, Kenya, organized by TWAS and AAS.

* Nominees can be any nationality, but must have been resident and working in Africa for at least the two years immediately prior to their nomination. Example: For the 31 July 2011 nomination deadline, nominees should have been resident in Africa since at least 1 August 2009.
* Nominees must have received their most recent degree (Master’s or Ph.D.) within the previous ten years.
* Employees of TWAS, AAS and Microsoft Research as well as employees of other industry research laboratories and anyone involved in the administration of this award, are not eligible.

Scholarship Application Deadline:31 July 2011.

Further Scholarship Information and Application

The Prosper.Net-Scopus Young Scientist Award in Sustainable Development, Germany

The Prosper.Net-Scopus Young Scientist Award in Sustainable Development is given annually to young scientists or researchers, based in the Asia-Pacific region, who have made significant contributions in the area of Sustainable Development.

Eligibility and Application Process

The award is open to those engaged in graduate education and research activities that emphasize sustainable development in any of the above three areas. Candidates are expected to be employed at institutions of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding USA and Canada), and should have completed their PhD. degree between 1 July 2006 and 1 July 2011.

Candidates may be put forth by nomination or direct application. Nominations and applications must be supported by two letters of recommendation.

Evaluation Process
All qualified applications will be evaluated by an international panel of three recognized experts in Sustainable Development in each of the three areas.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 30 April 2011

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TEAM Programme for MSc Students, PhD Students and Postdoctorals, Poland: Bio, Information, Technology

The overall objective of the programme is to increase engagement of young scientists in research performed by the best teams and in the best laboratories in Poland. The projects may be carried out in one of the three main thematic areas: Bio, Info, Techno.

The programme is addressed to research teams’ leaders intending to engage students, PhD students or young PhDs (up to 4 years after the PhD) in the project. The students, PhD students and young PhDs must be selected in an open competition procedure that iscarried out on international level. The number of research team members selected trough such a competition should not be lower than 6.

The main evaluation criteria are the following:

* team leader’s scientific record as well as experience in implementing projects (achieved within the last 4 years),
* scientific or innovative quality of the projects, which will be realized by the selected team members.

The very important element to evaluate the projects is the planned international cooperation of the team (here the minimum guarantee of the intended future collaboration will be the letter of intent signed by the foreign partner, enclosed to the application form).

Scholarship Application Deadline:15 March 2011 and 30 September 2011.

Further Scholarship Information and Application