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The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund 2012 for Female Students, South Africa

The MMMF is making grants, to the value of approximately $US 4000 each, available to female students, 25 years and older, from all African countries enrolled for study at the University of Cape Town.
-The applicants must be at least 25 years of age.
-The applicant must be financially needy.
-The applicant must demonstrate that their field of study will aid in the development of women and children in the developing world.
-The applicant must demonstrate a commitment to work for the benefit of women and children.
-The applicant must plan to return to their countries within two years of receiving the grant.

Scholarship Application Deadline:19 August 2011

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PhD Studentship in Modernism, Memory and Architecture in the Developing World, UK

The School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University has an ambitious development strategy which allows us to offer an exciting opportunity for a PhD Studentship. The studentships will pay UK/EU fees and provide a maintenance stipend linked to the RCUK rate (£13,590 per annum for 2011/12) for up to three years.
This call is inviting doctoral studentship application from individuals interested in exploring the nature of Modernity within the context of the developing world, with special focus on Asia. The notions of Modernity and Modernism emerged out of specific concerns within the post Industrial Revolution Western culture. Earlier work on the Indian subcontinent has shown the complex nature of the two terms within the fast evolving context of the developing world. The pressures of demographics and development, as well as the cultural context in which Modernity was subjected to operate, have resulted in a specific kind of Modernism. High density complex urban environments have evolved adding novel and unique dimensions to our understanding of urbanism. The peculiar urban development characteristic of the informal sector of developing cities could no longer be disregarded as inconsequential. In there, collective and cultural memory and history, as well as typological and material preferences have played a distinctive role. The project will explore the nature of this Modernity within the urban context of the ‘developing world’.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 15 April 2011

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2011 The TWAS-AAS-Microsoft Award for Young Scientists, Africa

Microsoft Research, in partnership with TWAS and the African Academy of Sciences (AAS), has established the TWAS-AAS-Microsoft Award for Young Scientists to recognize young scientists working and living in Africa whose research in computer science has had, or could have, a positive impact in the developing world.
* Each year three winners are selected from three different African countries.
* Each winner receives EUR 7,000, of which EUR 2,000 may be spent at the recipient’s discretion and EUR 5,000 shall be earmarked for further research. Each prize also carries a certificate bearing a citation highlighting the major contributions for which the prize is awarded.
* The prizes are presented to the recipients at a special ceremony held each year in Nairobi, Kenya, organized by TWAS and AAS.

* Nominees can be any nationality, but must have been resident and working in Africa for at least the two years immediately prior to their nomination. Example: For the 31 July 2011 nomination deadline, nominees should have been resident in Africa since at least 1 August 2009.
* Nominees must have received their most recent degree (Master’s or Ph.D.) within the previous ten years.
* Employees of TWAS, AAS and Microsoft Research as well as employees of other industry research laboratories and anyone involved in the administration of this award, are not eligible.

Scholarship Application Deadline:31 July 2011.

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