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Wellcome Trust-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Postdoctoral Fellowships: Biology, Medicine and Mathematics, Engineering, Computer, Physical or Chemical Sciences

The fellowships provide four years’ support for recently qualified postdoctoral researchers to gain experience of research at the interfaces between biology/medicine and mathematics, engineering, computer, physical or chemical sciences.
These awards are open to individuals with a relevant connection to the European Economic Area. If you are currently training or working in an academic or research institution in the United States, you are not eligible to apply to this scheme. You should be about to submit your doctoral thesis or have up to, but no more than, three years’ postdoctoral experience from date of your PhD viva to the deadline for applications to the scheme.Time spent outside the research environment will be taken into consideration.
You may have a background in any appropriate field of study (e.g. biology or medicine or chemistry or physics) but you must propose to address an important biomedical research question.The proposed research should fall within the Wellcome Trust’s normal funding remit.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 July 2011

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PhD Studentship for Cold and Controlled Collisions, Radboud University, Netherlands

The general aim of the project entitled “Cold and Controlled Collisions; a microscope for molecular interactions” is to study collisions between atoms and molecules at low temperatures and with unprecedented precision. We will use the Stark deceleration technique to obtain full control over the velocity and quantum state of the molecules prior to the collision, and state-of-the-art laser detection techniques to probe the collision products.

The project will focus particularly on the experimental observation of quantum interference effects and scattering resonances.You are an enthusiastic candidate with a strong interest in the fields of physics or physical chemistry. You have obtained a Master’s degree in chemistry, physics, or a related discipline, and proven laboratory skills. Good knowledge of English, both written and oral, is compulsory.Employment: 1,0 fte Maximum salary per month, based on a fulltime employment: € 2,612 gross/month .The starting salary is €2,042 per month and will increase to €2,612 per month in the fourth year. PhD scale.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 2 June 2011

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2011 Winton Advanced Research Fellowships, UK: Physics

The University has recently received a gift of £20M to establish a major programme of research in the broad field of the application of physics to sustainability. This programme includes support for Advanced Research Fellows working within this area of science. Fellows will be expected to carry out their research within the Department of Physics, or, where appropriate, jointly with other Departments in the University, such as the Departments of Chemistry and Materials Science.
This scheme will support outstanding scientists and will allow them to develop an independent research career. Candidates sought are of the calibre to win permanent posts in universities at the end of their fellowships. Candidates will normally have completed two years’ post-doctoral work at an institution different from that at which their PhD was obtained. Fellowships will be of 5 years’ duration, with some scope for extension of two years and will provide salary comparable to junior university faculty positions (on the scale currently £36,862 -£46,696 per annum) and appropriate support for equipment, travel and operating expenses. Managers of the Winton Programme invite outline applications for up to 4 fellowships. They seek projects in new areas or that take new approaches in established areas.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 15 May 2011.

Further Scholarship Information and Application