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Fulbright Scholarship Program in Teaching/Research in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Top priorities for applications are in political development, nation-building, development of electoral systems, conflict resolution, good governance and dealing with corruption and economic development. Other fields of interest include environmental protection, eco-tourism, Congolese music, art, and literature, archaeology, ethnic studies, linguistics, American studies and teacher training and curriculum development for English-language teaching. Applications are also welcome in other disciplines.

Scholars with a Ph.D., postdoctoral university or college teaching and research experience and previous experience in developing countries in political transition are preferred. The academic year consists of two semesters: mid-October until February and February until the end of July. A letter of invitation from the host institution is not needed to apply. An English language school, the American School of Kinshasa, is available for children in grades K-12 who accompany scholar.

Scholarship Application Deadline:August 1, 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

International PhD Scholarship in Emerging Sports in Serbia: A Case Study of Rugby League and Cricket, UK: Total Gesture Recognition

Applications are invited for a full-time scholarship available in the School of Sport, Tourism & The Outdoors. The scholarship is tenable for up to 3 years for a PhD (via MPhil route) [subject to satisfactory progress] and is open to international applicants only. UK/EU applicants are not eligible to apply. The scholarship will cover the cost of tuition fees for an International resident for 3 years.
The project will involve a case-study of two emerging sports in Serbia, rugby league and cricket. A particular aim of the study is to examine how these sports engage with and foster key dimensions of contemporary policy agendas, including social cohesion, integration and reconciliation. The study will involve a detailed examination of the organisational working of these sports, their histories in Serbia, their local demographics and their relationship with the international HQ organisations.
Sport is seen within Serbia as an important aspect of that country’s preparation for acceptance into the European Union. Accordingly, the study will look at how these sports are playing their small part in this process, especially in terms of explicit compliance with the EU agenda on sport. The working relationship with the Serbian Ministry of Sport and Youth will also be studied. In disciplinary terms the project will operate at the intersection of the sociology of sport, organisations, and community. The methodology is intended to be qualitative, relying on fieldwork interviewing and document analysis. Access to both the Serbian Rugby League Federation and the Serbian Cricket Federation has been established by the project supervisor. Field-work for the project will be centred in Belgrade. The successful student will need to be fluent (spoken and written) in both Serbian and English languages.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 13 May 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

NHTV Bachelor Scholarship for Non-EU/EEA Students 2011-2012, Netherlands: Facility Management, International Game Architecture and Design ,International Media and Entertainment Management,International Hotel Management,International Leisure Management,International Tourism Management,Urban Development, Logistics & Mobility

NHTV Bachelor Scholarship  consists of a €3000 reduction of the tuition fee in the first year studying at NHTV (paying the non-EU/EEA tuition fee). In consecutive academic years, these students can receive a €1500 reduction of the tuition fee. This is possible for a maximum number of years NOT exceeding the regular length of the study programme. The student has earned at least 48 EC’s in the previous academic year for continuation of the NHTV Bachelor Scholarship.
Students need to apply and scholarships will be granted on a ‘first come, first served’- base, under the condition that the applicant meets all eligibility criteria.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 May 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application